Can Your Mood Affect Your Art?

If you’ve read my previous post on my watercolor journey, then you know that I’m new to the world of watercolors. I have taken one class, have been reading books, watching videos, reading blogs to get pointers, and practicing.

Well, I watched a video earlier today and this lady said that she was commissioned to paint a turbulent ocean scene. She said that earlier that day, she spoke with someone who really made her angry and so when she painted, she said that her ocean was extremely turbulent – so much so that she’s been unable to duplicate it. She said that her mood affected her painting. I thought that was kind of strange.

But then I got to thinking…I painted a pearl tree about two weeks ago. See the pic below.


I had everything painted but the sky. I was trying to figure out what I should paint for the background. At the time, I was listening to Little Steven’s Underground Garage on Sirius/XM and a Beatles song came on – “Magical Mystery Tour.” Immediately, I decided to paint some retro beams around the tree. Hmmmm, maybe there is something to this? I don’t know if it was a mood thing or just that I was being influenced. What do you think? Can one be influenced by ones’ surroundings and can that change your art/creativity? I’ll have to pay closer attention in the future. 🙂












What Say You?

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