Hot Mess Edition-Color Blotches and Round Things


Most people like to put on their best face when they go out in public. Likewise, artists like to showcase their best work. I ain’t like that. I’ve started a new category called “Hot Mess Haven” which has all of my pieces that I have deemed a hot mess. This one definitely fits! Why would I put something like this up you ask? Because I have a good sense of humor even at my own expense. 🙂

Anyway, this painting was not supposed to look anything like this. I was experimenting with an idea and somewhere along the way it went south.

Want to feature your “hot mess” paintings on this blog? That’s right – just email a photo of your “hot mess” along with your blog name and address and I’ll put it up. Send me a quick note first using the Contact tab and I’ll give you the email addy. Let’s be weird together!

To view my art that I deem as passable, please visit my site/gallery.


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