Secret Streamlet Watercolor


I’m very pleased with this one. I could probably give the mountain and stream a little more shape but other than that, I actually like it. I worked very hard at not being concerned about where objects started and stopped. I kept telling myself that it’s ok for a shoreline NOT to be defined but instead, let it bleed into the stream. I had to convince myself that a mountain or cliff does NOT have to always be brown even though it goes against every fibre of my being. Even painting a tree that’s leaning is extremely vexing for me because I have to have everything even and straight and the correct color. I have to actually work at being free and loose. Must be my personality type or something.

What say ye?

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9 thoughts on “Secret Streamlet Watercolor

  1. I say “let loose” and let go all the hard grained in “rules” that we all try to abide by. Obviously there are good rules for design or tonal values, the basics but mainly it is there to make a painting more engaging. I think this is why I love watercolor, you make it your own and you discover so much by allowing yourself to be taken on a journey. Just a smidge of a penny of my thoughts 🙂

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    • You know, it still amazes me when I see that someone painted something the “wrong” color. Like when I see a waterfall that’s not white but filled with many colors – it’s so beautiful yet my first reaction is “NOOOOO! – WRONG COLOR.” I’m learning, or trying to, that I can paint whatever I want and in any color. I think that’s why I have no imagination because I’m so regimented. lol 🙂

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      • I understand that perfectly. I have a tendency to paint or draw things to read well or to make sense. Sometimes it feels like swimming against the current. The more you look at art and allow yourself to venture out, the more it will feel comfortable.

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