Watercolor & Herb Experiment

I’ve been wanting to experiment with herbs for awhile now to see if I could get a neato texture and I finally did it. Below I’m using Rosemary, Fennel seed, Chives, Dill Weed, Curry, and Paprika.


I used Indigo for the color. Below is the picture after it’s dry. I did another chive test using more paint because that’s the only herb that really made a difference.


As you can see, Rosemary did nothing, same with the Fennel Seed. There were some textural elements with the chives which is why I did it again using more paint. Dill Weed did nothing. The other chive one, the chives were stuck on the paper. (btw, I’m using 140 lb. cold press) Curry and paprika zilch and zilch.

However, look at the bottom with the paprika and paint mixed. The paint color I used was mainly Hematite Violet Genuine with some Burnt Sienna and Raw Sienna. This is dry and the granules maintained their shape and did not dissolve. I also rubbed it and the paprika did not move. I think I’m going to use this for sand or rocks in the future. I’ll have to try this with other colors. What do you think of paprika texture?

Till next time 🙂














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