Watercolor & Kitchen Stuffs Experiment

Here’s another experiment for texture that yielded some interesting results.


The color I used was Indigo. For the bleach & water, I used a separate container for water and used a little over a cup of water with a few drops of bleach using an eye dropper. I mixed it up and used a different brush and brushed the paper first with the bleach mixture before dropping in the color. It produced a nice bloom but it doesn’t look that much different than the plain water.

With the vinegar, I painted first and dropped the vinegar on afterwards. Interesting but I have to play around with the quantity of the vinegar.

Cornstarch on left – painted first then used fingers and threw on cornstarch. I had some big clumps. After it was dried and I rubbed it off, the paper tore. I did the cornstarch again on the far right and used a smaller amount and didn’t press as hard and the paper didn’t tear.

The lemon juice didn’t do much. I poured a huge drop straight from the bottle. It might work differently with a fresh lemon maybe? Also, my lemon juice has been in the fridge awhile (still good) but that may be a factor.

Conclusion, I should try the vinegar & lemon juice again. I’d use an eye dropper for the vinegar and for the lemon, I’ll use a fresh one.

The cornstarch is pretty but it’s not that much different than droplets of water on top. (not shown in pic)






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