Tree Practice – Watercolor

treepracticeLately I’ve been trying to improve my trees – the branches mainly and in my previous post, I sought some advice. As you can see from the picture above, there is an improvement in the branches compared to the previous post. So here are my acknowledgements…

Snaps to Carol from Carol’s Creative Papers – She gave advice on where to hold the brush – at the tip to get small branches and further down to get thicker ones. I held my brush down lower so that I had more control and hopefully you can see that my branches are not as choppy and blend together better. I used two different sized round brushes which aren’t marked with a number and a #6 rigger. Thanks again Carol. Also…. Continue reading


Barren Trees Watercolor


As simple as this painting is, it took me several attempts to get it to look like this – kinda rustic and not overworked. It’s very hard to put the brush down when you just want to go go go! Also used a limited palette which is hard for me because I like to use lots of colors. I know I’m not alone in this.

I need to improve my branches  – they are horrible. I’ve got a rigger for fine lining but I’m wondering if a rigger is different than an actual liner brush? Can someone help me? I need control for the mid-level/thick branches and the rigger is just too floppy.

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Ice and Fire Trees Watercolor


This is a watercolor I did that’s been majorly digitally enhanced for softness and color. The G’Mic filters I used was Rodilius (dark), Dream Smoothing, and Boost Chromaticity. I used the wet on wet technique for the background, then dry on wet with the fan brush. Swiped with my Rigger and voila! Super colorful, cornea-burning trees. Continue reading