Fun With Watercolor Mountains

mountain1I haven’t done much in the way of winter landscapes so I decided that I need some practice. I don’t think there’s one thing that I like about this painting so I tried it again…


I tried to define the contours better with this one and used hard edges. I took my cues from this video from Peter Woolley. As far as the foreground, I just started playing around experimenting at that point. I don’t deem these quite as ‘hot messes’ but they will be in the ‘closet’ category since they will never see the light of today besides here. 🙂

Feel free to offer suggestions and throw tomatoes. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Fun With Watercolor Mountains

    • Just went to your site. Your photos are amazing. I’ve been practicing winter scenes and your photos would be perfect to practice because they are so challenging. (for me anyway) 🙂 Great job! Oh yeah, and the people cycling in the winter – no way! That just doesn’t happen here. haha 🙂

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