Black Gouche Hot Mess Watercolor


Ok, here’s what happened…I was watching a Noah’s Ark movie and it had a really neat effect. Everything was black with pops of color which is right up my alley. So I thought I’d try to simulate this in watercolor but as you can see, it’s a disaster. I didn’t even finish it. What a waste of masking fluid and gouche. 🙂 Filed in the “Hot Mess” category. 🙂 Continue reading

Hot Mess Edition – Spray Crazy & Vinnie


I dropped some paint, whipped out the spray bottle, and voila! A tree and river sort of. I like the looseness and colors but I think I can do better. So until then, I’ve deemed it a ‘hot mess.’ Any comments?

Since I have assaulted your eyeballs, I’ve put up a cute picture of my Vinnie for your viewing pleasure. 🙂


Hot Mess Edition – Wet on Wet Gone Awry – Do Not Try This at Home!

hotmessflowerskindaIf you rub your eyes vigorously and squint while tilting your head, you might be able to make out that these are supposed to be negative flowers. I don’t think wet on wet is the right technique for doing this. Gonna try dry on wet and bleed out the outer edges.

Happy painting!  — Carol


Hot Mess Edition – Color Swirls Watercolor


Get a load of this one! haha. No real form or shape. I like some of the color combinations but there’s just no structure. I think this started out as a flower and then disaster ensued. haha 🙂

Is anyone else brave enough to share their hot messes with me? Send me a note in the Contact menu and I’ll put it up here. 🙂


Hot Mess Edition-Color Blotches and Round Things


Most people like to put on their best face when they go out in public. Likewise, artists like to showcase their best work. I ain’t like that. I’ve started a new category called “Hot Mess Haven” which has all of my pieces that I have deemed a hot mess. This one definitely fits! Why would I put something like this up you ask? Because I have a good sense of humor even at my own expense. 🙂 Continue reading