Some Kind of Flower


This one was a do-over but I like how it turned out. The first one isn’t exactly a hot mess but I may be able to salvage it.

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Retro Florals – Watercolor


This one painted itself. Do you know what I mean? I mean I started out with an idea in my head but as I continued painting, it turned into something else but I like it. This totally looks retro to me and I was not going for that in the beginning. Could this be deemed a “happy accident?” haha

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Lovely Lolita’s in Blue


Here’s another one I did in watercolor similar to the first one. I think I need to use a different brush – a softer one. A fat, soft, juicy, large brush instead of a medium sized, synthetic brush which isn’t as soft. Still experimenting.

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Lovely Lolita’s


This is a flower that I came up with in my head along with the name. It may look like an existing flower so I may have taken inspiration from that – I don’t know. The pink bleeding color is actually a little darker than the picture depicts but not much. But when I go really dark, it always ends up with streaks or looks funny. Still working on that.

I used Magenta, Indian Yellow, Hooker’s Green, and Pthalo Green by Daniel Smith.

Any critiques? Please be nice. 🙂

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Greetings and Welcome!


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