Wallflowers Watercolor




Wallflowers…get it? haha 🙂 . I like the wall. 🙂

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Sweeping Beauty – Watercolor

sweepingbeautyscaledThis is a watercolor I did that’s been digitally enhanced. I made it a little smoother looking and saturated the colors a little. This was not planned. I sat down and started painting and this is what emerged. Hope you like it.

As always, comments, critiques are welcome. 🙂

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Hidden Tunnel Before & After – Watercolor


I just love ‘before and afters’ don’t you? It can be anything – a makeover, a car, a kitchen – anything. Well this ‘before and after’ is of my watercolors. The first one I painted about a month ago. In case you don’t know, I’m very new to watercolors – only a few months. Anyway, I painted that first one which is awful and put it aside. I painted other things in between and decided to give it another try. I think it turned out much better. There’s still room for improvement of course but the ‘after’ is definitely better than the ‘before.’

As always, comments, criticisms, and tomatoes are welcome. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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