Colorful Leaves Watercolor


Experimenting with negative painting a little so I just did some simple leaves. The majority of the lines were done by the end of one of my brushes that has an angled scraper shaped tip. (not sure what it’s called) I added water droplets in place of salt in order to get that bloom effect but they went away because I think the paper was too wet and the paint blended together. But I like the colors. 🙂

Tell me what you think. 🙂



Ice and Fire Trees Watercolor


This is a watercolor I did that’s been majorly digitally enhanced for softness and color. The G’Mic filters I used was Rodilius (dark), Dream Smoothing, and Boost Chromaticity. I used the wet on wet technique for the background, then dry on wet with the fan brush. Swiped with my Rigger and voila! Super colorful, cornea-burning trees. Continue reading

Spirit of Lark Rise Watercolor


This painting captures the spirit of a made up place in the poverty-stricken people and sense of community in Lark Rise. Their physical world is much different but this painting reflects the noble character of its’ residents.

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Flowers in Anguish Watercolor


I keep going back to the same thing – black with pops of color. I just love colors outlined in black. This has also been digitally enhanced. Well, here you go. 🙂

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Abstract Branch Watercolor – Before & After


This is a watercolor that’s been digitally enhanced for texture and smoothness. The original painting is an entire mosaic type tree but I didn’t like it so I took a section and worked on that. Below is the original Continue reading