Fun With Watercolor Mountains

mountain1I haven’t done much in the way of winter landscapes so I decided that I need some practice. I don’t think there’s one thing that I like about this painting so I tried it again… Continue reading

Winter Pines Watercolor

winterpinesThis was a disaster but I covered over it with trees and blue paint and gouache. I did this one awhile ago and I put it up now because I haven’t painted lately – been feeling a little under the weather – and I didn’t want my blog to just sit there. 🙂 IMO, it’s not a ‘hot mess’ but it’s definitely one for the closet. 🙂 Feel free to throw tomatoes. 🙂


Winter Chills – Watercolor


Burrr! It’s cold out here! This is the other painting I did during the hurricane in the dark. I just love blues and grays! As always, comments/critiques are welcome. (even if I forget to write it) 🙂

Go HERE to see the rest of my stuff.

Winter Trees – Watercolor – Painted from Photo

wintertreesscaledThis painting was taken from a photo from Lyndylu from Paint my Photo.

Below is the original photo. Continue reading

Watercolor is Harder Than Oil – Despite What They Tell You


Here is my first oil painting ever – a winter cabin. This is the first time I have ever picked up a brush and I painted this cabin in a workshop. This was about three months ago. In the meantime I’ve been using watercolor and I’m STILL struggling with getting my water to pigment ratio right, deciding which brush to use, and trying to get the drying timing right. Continue reading