Jagged Little Trees 2 Watercolor


Like the first Jagged Little Trees painting, I did not plan or rehearse this one. I did it minutes after the other one. I’m not all that crazy about orangey colors but I wanted to use it today. This almost looks like seaweed. haha. Hope you likey 🙂

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Eerie Forest Watercolor


Ok, here’s what happened…I was painting a forest scene wet on dry with hard lines everywhere. The trees were clearly defined with a crisp type of structure. Then, I put too much water on my brush causing bleeding Continue reading

Winter Pines Watercolor

winterpinesThis was a disaster but I covered over it with trees and blue paint and gouache. I did this one awhile ago and I put it up now because I haven’t painted lately – been feeling a little under the weather – and I didn’t want my blog to just sit there. 🙂 IMO, it’s not a ‘hot mess’ but it’s definitely one for the closet. 🙂 Feel free to throw tomatoes. 🙂


Secret Streamlet Watercolor


I’m very pleased with this one. I could probably give the mountain and stream a little more shape but other than that, I actually like it. I worked very hard at not being concerned about where objects started and stopped. I kept telling myself that it’s ok for a shoreline NOT to be defined but instead, let it bleed into the stream. I had to convince myself that a mountain or cliff does NOT have to always be brown even though it goes against every fibre of my being. Even painting a tree that’s leaning is extremely vexing for me because I have to have everything even and straight and the correct color. I have to actually work at being free and loose. Must be my personality type or something.

What say ye?

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Tree Practice – Watercolor

treepracticeLately I’ve been trying to improve my trees – the branches mainly and in my previous post, I sought some advice. As you can see from the picture above, there is an improvement in the branches compared to the previous post. So here are my acknowledgements…

Snaps to Carol from Carol’s Creative Papers – She gave advice on where to hold the brush – at the tip to get small branches and further down to get thicker ones. I held my brush down lower so that I had more control and hopefully you can see that my branches are not as choppy and blend together better. I used two different sized round brushes which aren’t marked with a number and a #6 rigger. Thanks again Carol. Also…. Continue reading