Barren Trees Watercolor


As simple as this painting is, it took me several attempts to get it to look like this – kinda rustic and not overworked. It’s very hard to put the brush down when you just want to go go go! Also used a limited palette which is hard for me because I like to use lots of colors. I know I’m not alone in this.

I need to improve my branches  – they are horrible. I’ve got a rigger for fine lining but I’m wondering if a rigger is different than an actual liner brush? Can someone help me? I need control for the mid-level/thick branches and the rigger is just too floppy.

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Ice and Fire Trees Watercolor


This is a watercolor I did that’s been majorly digitally enhanced for softness and color. The G’Mic filters I used was Rodilius (dark), Dream Smoothing, and Boost Chromaticity. I used the wet on wet technique for the background, then dry on wet with the fan brush. Swiped with my Rigger and voila! Super colorful, cornea-burning trees. Continue reading

Splotchy Mess in Watercolor


Don’t ask because I don’t know what I did. I pictured this much differently in my head. 🙂 I even ran it through some G’Mic filters and it still didn’t improve anything. I’m not calling this a “hot mess” but it’s close. 🙂 This one is definitely tomato-worthy. 🙂

Underneath the Cherry Blossoms – Watercolor


Here’s a simple one I did tonight. Nothing spectacular – simple and cute I think. As always, feedback/criticisms are welcome. 🙂

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