Bamboo Forest Watercolor


I just finished this one and I love how it turned out! It’s amazing what highlighting and shading can do. Without them, the bamboo would look like stripes. 🙂 Got another one I want to do and it involves experimenting with gouche. As always, feedback is welcome. 🙂

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Sketches in Nature – Watercolor


Here’s a few sketches I did – just playing around. I was inspired by German artist Carsten Wieland. Continue reading

Hot Mess Edition – Wet on Wet Gone Awry – Do Not Try This at Home!

hotmessflowerskindaIf you rub your eyes vigorously and squint while tilting your head, you might be able to make out that these are supposed to be negative flowers. I don’t think wet on wet is the right technique for doing this. Gonna try dry on wet and bleed out the outer edges.

Happy painting!  — Carol


Seascape Experiment – Critiques Welcome


I can’t decide if I like this one or not. The composition is awful I know. But I kinda like the colors and strokes. For the sea, I did a clear water wash over it to sort of blend the colors into the white areas giving it a softer look. I could make the sky look more like a sky but then that would be a different technique than the rest of the painting and that would look strange. I tried to be consistent.

Any thoughts? Critiques?

Flower Silhouette


This is one in a series of five flower silhouette paintings. Try as I might, I could not get rid of the glare. I might put up the others tomorrow. 🙂 Any thoughts?

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