A Blissful Evening Watercolor


This is a watercolor with a touch of illustration. I approached this with no real plan – I just knew that I wanted two rock shapes and went from there. Normally I would do the shading in watercolor but my fine line pens just came in and I wanted to use them. I can’t draw btw which is why my stuff is simple. 🙂

Whadayathink? Comments? Critiques?

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Watercolor & Kitchen Stuffs Experiment

Here’s another experiment for texture that yielded some interesting results.


The color I used was Indigo. For the bleach & water, I used a separate container for water and used a little over a cup of water with a few drops of bleach using an eye dropper. I mixed it up and used a different brush and brushed the paper first with the bleach mixture before dropping in the color. It produced a nice bloom but it doesn’t look that much different than the plain water. Continue reading

Watercolor & Herb Experiment

I’ve been wanting to experiment with herbs for awhile now to see if I could get a neato texture and I finally did it. Below I’m using Rosemary, Fennel seed, Chives, Dill Weed, Curry, and Paprika.


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Secret Streamlet Watercolor


I’m very pleased with this one. I could probably give the mountain and stream a little more shape but other than that, I actually like it. I worked very hard at not being concerned about where objects started and stopped. I kept telling myself that it’s ok for a shoreline NOT to be defined but instead, let it bleed into the stream. I had to convince myself that a mountain or cliff does NOT have to always be brown even though it goes against every fibre of my being. Even painting a tree that’s leaning is extremely vexing for me because I have to have everything even and straight and the correct color. I have to actually work at being free and loose. Must be my personality type or something.

What say ye?

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Colorful Leaves Watercolor


Experimenting with negative painting a little so I just did some simple leaves. The majority of the lines were done by the end of one of my brushes that has an angled scraper shaped tip. (not sure what it’s called) I added water droplets in place of salt in order to get that bloom effect but they went away because I think the paper was too wet and the paint blended together. But I like the colors. 🙂

Tell me what you think. 🙂